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What are the product's operating conditions?


The ideal conditions for the product to work are:

  • Soil pH 6-8.
  • Soil temperature from 5 ˚C.
  • Air temperature between 25 and 37 degrees C.
  • Sufficient soil moisture, presence of organic matter, oxygenated environment.


When does the applied biological product start working?


If it meets the recommended conditions, it starts working immediately. Certain products can have a dual mode of action: primary and secondary. Products such as Fosfix Plus, Bacto-K, Bactoforce, and Ruinex start to act as soon as they are applied to the plant or soil - primary action. This primary action is due to all the biologically active substances already in the bio-product. After 5-10 days (under the right conditions), these products reach their peak of secondary action. All other products that do not differentiate between primary and secondary action start to act under optimal conditions after 24 hours and reach their peak after 5-10 days.


What is the minimum soil pH?


4,0-5,0. At this pH, the microorganisms are active, but a higher rate of products is required.


What is the biological activity of the products?


Under ideal conditions, the biological product becomes active after 24 hours and reaches its peak within 5-10 days (microorganisms are still most active for 2-4 weeks). Afterward (depending very much on the natural conditions), there is a gradual decline in activity over 4-6 weeks (the microorganisms either die, leaving nutrients for the plants, or mutate and cease to perform their function). Thus, the overall biological activity takes place over 1 to 3 months.


What are the storage conditions of the products?


Storage conditions between 4 ˚C and 30 ˚C. The lower the temperature, the longer the product can remain unchanged. Avoid direct sunlight.


What are the impacts or risks of invasive microorganisms?


As microorganisms are naturally created, naturally occurring, non-toxic, and non-GMO, there is no risk to the soil, no matter where in the world they are used. They are entirely safe (recognised by the global safety agency GRAS).


What is the origin of the bacteria (microorganisms) in the products?


All microorganisms were isolated from soil samples in Lithuania.


Can spores work in deficient soils?


The spore will only work if the right conditions are present: biological activity; humus; temperature; humidity; pH etc.


Can microorganisms mutate before reaching their peak?


Theoretically, they can, but in practice, very rarely. For example, this can happen if the soil contains too many chemical products and other mutagens (substances that promote mutations).


Can I use biological products on a sunny day? How do they react to ultraviolet light?


Do not use on a sunny day with air temperatures above 25 ˚C. The general recommendation is to water in the early morning, late evening, or when there is no direct sunlight (cloudy). Ultraviolet rays damage the cells, and loss of vitality is possible.

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