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Carbon is one of the most important soil components, directly influencing plant productivity and yield. Micro-organisms and plants are directly involved in the carbon cycle, so using micro-organisms increases the soil's carbon content. The more carbon, the more humus, which determines yield and soil quality.

Bacto-C is a plant microbial biostimulant for increasing organic carbon in the soil.


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Poor tillage depletes the soil, so increasing the number of micro-organisms in the soil is essential to ensure soil balance and long-term fertility.

Master is a plant microbial biostimulator designed to stimulate soil potential.

The product is designed to increase the biological activity of the soil in early spring and late autumn. The combination of all the micro-organisms in the product creates a perfect complex that perfectly revitalises the soil after winter degradation, accelerates the biological recovery of the soil, and creates favourable conditions for plant development.


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If the soil is not rich in the micro-organisms needed to decompose plant residues, soil respiration slows down, pores clog, and the soil moisture and temperature regime changes. This is particularly detrimental to plant growth and development.

Ruinex is a plant microbial biostimulant for decomposing plant residues.

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